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Ship Repair and Technical Service

We're an established company in the Ship Supply industry in Cameroon

Our workshops & technical teams are fully equipped with  the necessary materials to provide ship repair services, to our clients, 24/7 on every single day of the year. All fabrication works are personally managed and handled by our joint alliance skilled workmen as we take pride to ensure that all repaired or fabricated items do not require a rework or refitting.

Throughout the jobs carried out over the years by our team, we gained substantial experience, developed and refined our repair technology and have successfully accomplished a great number of contracts for our national and international clients.

Marly maintains extensive different activities for the shipping industry and comprises following main issues:


  • Steel work, Pipe work and Welding Services
  • Carpentry Services;

Steel work, Pipe work and Welding Services

Our steel, pipe work and welding division consists of a team of skillful and experienced fitters and welders who are fully qualified to perform welding works.

With a well-equipped facility marly shipping supply is capable to provide all kinds of steel and pipe fabrication works such as:

  • Steel Fabrication & out-fitting work
  • Fabrication of superstructure, hull / deck plating, gangway, bulwark, cargo hatches, container cell guide, structural frames, stiffeners and tanks, etc.
  • Pipe fabrication and modification
  • Hot and cold bending of pipes

Carpentry Services

Carpentry, Flooring Services Our team of carpenters has a wide range of expertise in fabrication, innovation and customization of offshore and marine accommodation designs to meet and fulfil our customers’ requirement. Our carpentry division is able to lead the projects in the area of:

  • Offshore and marine carpentry works
  • Accommodation furniture supply and refurbishment
  • Retrofit all types of panelling and wooden structures
  • Wooden deck sheathing repairs and renewal
  • Flooring installation and renewal works
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